Saspac Computer Systems

Saspac is simply the best administrative software for schools on the market

Saspac ERP, powerful, yet easy to use provides schools with an integrated solution for every aspect of business and education management

Our products

A few of our products we offer to the schools that we are passionate about.


Class room manager give the power to the educator to do the tasks in the classroom.


Learner, absentees,misdemeanors,educator is just some of the funtions in admin. 


Full financial package specifically designed for schools.

Time and Attendance

T&A drastically reduces the administration of keeping the schools register up to date.


Online markbook for the educators that linked with SASAMS marks.

Point of Sale

POS offers users a interface to manage the school’s cafeteria and uniform shop’s


SMS offers a gateway allowing you to communicate with educators and parents.

Parent Portal

Global is a simple effective way for parents to obtain learners information through a website

Library & Textbooks

Library and textbook system that uses barcode scanners and fingerprints