Low Cost Bulk SMS and email from SASAMS

Do you need to send out SMS’s and Email from SASAMS?

Bulk Message

Send a bulk sms / email to parent or guardian by selecting an easy filter option. Need help? We are just a call away.

Message For Spreadsheet

Send custom SMS / Email in bulk directly for a spreadsheet. You can download the spreadsheet and enter your information.

Absentee Message

Send a personalize absentee SMS or Emails to parents or guardians on a daily basis from your SASAMS database.

Message Log

View, download or print all the messages from the message log into excel. Easy option to update incorrect cell or emails numbers.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can use any SaSams database to connect and send out SMS and emails.

There is no cost for the software. The only fee that you will pay is for the amount of credits that you purchase.

You will need to register to get a username and password.

It can be loaded on multiple computers. Using the same login on all the computers.

You can send a email to support@shanalo.co.za or go www.sacom.co.za to purchase credits.