Life’s too short to wait in line for screening. We offer digital health screening data collection, storage, analysis and reporting.

Pricing Packages


Activation fee: R200 once-off
First 200 enlisted persons per month: R20 flat rate
Next 800 enlisted persons: R1/person/month
Next 9000 enlisted persons : 50c/person/month
Thereafter: FREE

In the education sector the pricing is calculated per enlisted head per month
(irrespective of the number of daily/monthly screenings per person)

Frequently Asked Questions

What phone can I use?

The TjopTjop app works on any Android phone. It  has been tested on Android phones with screens 5” and larger. Unfortunately, not on iPhones yet, but this offereing is currently being developed.

Do I need a seperate subscription for each phone on my site?

No, only one subscription per school or business is needed. The TjopTjop app can then be downloaded on more than one phone.

I am a teacher. Can I use my own phone?

Yes, you can either use phones that belong to the school, or your personal phone. As long as the Tjoptjop app is downloaded.

Do I pay for all scholars and staff in my school?

Tjoptjop is a prepaid system. You only pay for the active attendees. Only when more grades start attending school will you start paying for them. The first 200 enlisted people’s creening is free per month.

Why do I need a QR code?

Tjoptjop can scan barcoded IDs as well. However, as most scholars do not have these yet, QR
codes are issued for them for quick identification.

How often do I need to send the data to the server? After each individual screening?

Data is stored on the phone after each individual’s screening. It is recommended to upload the data to the server immediately after the entire screening process has been completed
as this makes the scanning time per person as short as possible. You can, however, also upload directly after each individual screening.

Do I need constant internet connection to use the Tjoptjop app?

No internet connection is necessary while doing the screening. However, once completed the information needs to be downloaded to the server, and a connection is necessary for this.

How often do I need to send the data to the server? Is my information safe with TjopTjop?

Yes, TjopTjop uses the information on the Excel spreadsheet that you submit to create the QR codes. However, afterwards, only ID numbers are saved. If you choose to, we’ll keep the original information and display names rather than ID numbers.